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Wire Rods
Structural Bars
Deformed Bars
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Wire Rods
Wire Rods
Wire Rods
Godo Steel manufactures wire rods using an integrated steel making/rolling system comprising an electric arc furnace, ladle refining, secondary refining, continuous casting machine and high-performance wire rod rolling mill. The Plant also has a high-performance rolling mill in the wire rod factory, to manufacture high-precision, high-quality deformed bars in coil form.
Wire Rods
・Excellent material quality    ・Stable product quality    ・High dimensional accuracy    ・A wide selection of sizes
[Examples of use]
Tire chain Stapler needles Fence
Tire chain
Stapler needles
Deformed Bars in Coil Form
[Advantages or Drawbacks]
・Little fluctuation in strength; high dimensional accuracy.
・Wide selection of bar hardnesses most suitable for specific processing machine.
・Maximum coil weight is 2 tons for high-efficiency processing.
・Less machining loss, easier to store than straight bars.
・Enables use of automatic processing machine to achieve higher processing efficiency.
・Straightening bars available as required.
[Example of use]
Spiraled reinforcement steel bar
Spiraled reinforcement bar
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