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President's Message For over a half century since our establishment in 1937, Godo Steel has developed steel-making technologies to contribute to the development of society by supplying steel products that support various infrastructures. Our products include reinforcing steel bars, which support reinforced concrete structures, one of the major techniques in the civil engineering and construction field; wire rods and shape steel, which are used in a wide variety of urban infrastructures; and structural steel bars, which are major components for industrial machinery.
During this period, to meet the constant demands from society and customers, we have continuously worked on advancing production and commodity technologies, developing mechanical coupling methods and high strength steel that improve productivity in the construction field, and supplying structural steel that is effective in improving workability and reducing processes on the customer’s side.
While the steel production is expanding worldwide, Japan, which has a high standard of steel production, generates a lot of scrap steel sufficient for use for steel production in the civil engineering and construction field, which plays a key part in forming the domestic infrastructure.
Our role of recycling scrap steel, one of several domestic resources, to re-form social capital with less energy, is becoming increasingly important.
In seeking to realize harmony between people, technology and the environment, Godo Steel group companies will continue to explore the unknown aspects and potentials of steel.
Takayoshi Meiga
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Godo Steel, Ltd.